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Peach bread and jam/paste met!

Sweeter and moister Wonju Peach Bread

Wonju Peach Bread, a sweet and delicious premium dessert made with peaches from Chiaksan, a specialty of Wonju, Gangwon-do, Korea

Korean rice flour, peach powder, and peach jam/paste are added to make it softer and more moist!

Wonju Peach Bread, a premium dessert that is sweeter and more fragrant with peach jam/paste added

Made with Korean rice, it is light and has a softer texture.

Peaches produced in Wonju, South Korea are dried and then ground to make them more moist by adding sweet peach jam/paste with a deep peach flavor.

A sweet scent that spreads in your mouth!

Just like a cute peach

Gluten-free product made from Korean rice

Wonju peach sediment

Fruits full of chewy taste are chewy

Peach Jam with Deep Flavor!

Wonju Peach Bread Sweetened with Triple Layer

Rice batter, peach jam/paste, peach sediment

Safe in individual trays!

7pacsk/12 packs are packed in individual trays to prevent damage to the product.

Point 1

Premium dessert resembling a peach

A premium dessert with a visual resembling a peach and the fresh, sweet taste and scent of a peach! Great to pair with tea when you are having guests at your place. 

Point 2

Made with Korean rice and peaches

A sweet and moist dessert made with Korean rice and peaches grown in Wonju, Gangwon-do.

Point 3

Great as a gift or return gift

The neat packaging makes it easy to eat outdoors, such as children's snacks or picnic lunches.

Point 4

2019 'Seoul Food Award' Excellence Award, 2020 'Customer Love Brand' Grand Prize

Enjoy sweet peach bread like this!

Tip 1

Enjoy it with coffee, milk, or tea.


Tip 2

If you reheat them in an air fryer, you can eat them crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Tip 3

A nutritious snack enjoyed by people of all ages


Cookie Castle products are premium desserts with a shelf life of 90 days from the date of manufacture.

This item ships directly from Korea.