Arden Bike - Non Standard Long Jersey 5.0 Black

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Non-Standard is the basis for all products we make. Therefore, the most stable selection is made and the operation proceeds. As a product that is faithful to the essence of cycling, it is a product that can be matched with any environment, riding style, or any product. It is a product that can also fulfill the role of making riders stand out with graphics and layouts that have been changed to suit the new season, and various colors. It is a middle layer product that can be used in almost all seasons, including summer, that can effectively maintain body temperature and humidity through the use of various fabrics such as Odramp sewing and pattern that can provide comfortable wear even during intense riding.




Non-standard is a word with the meaning of 'non-standard'. We strive to create products that exceed the standard that everyone thinks. 
We design extraordinary products that you feel are better than you imagined. It is a top line product of Arden Bikes, and it is a product that helps you enjoy riding in the best condition by using appropriate materials and patterns.


The armpit mash fabric can effectively discharge moisture.

Silicone treatment on the waistband prevents it from rolling up while riding.







01. Excellent sweat release and heat dissipation by using various mesh fabrics.

02. Silicone is applied to the waist band to prevent it from rolling up while riding.

03. With 3 pockets on the back, it is easy to attach belongings, and the reflective function protects the safety of the rider.




Pearl White / Graphite / Black / Pastel Blue / Pearl Indigo / Violet



💫MAB was established as an Italian band company in the 1920s and is a company that mainly developed sports bands. 
MAB, which has constantly evolved cycling bands, is used in various cycling apparel brands.


💫BORGINI Jersey was founded in November 1973 in Como, one of the most innovative and important sectors of the textile sector for Italy and Europe. 
Adhering to international principles, we provide innovative products with high quality standards. 

Small Dot Fabric

It provides bright yam, and it is a material that has good sweat discharge through small dots and is a sweat-absorbent material. Suitable for use as a jersey main fabric.


High Gauge Poly 50/72 Span

The ultra-lightweight high-gauge fabric used as the main fabric of the jersey is used, so it has good elasticity, and functional yarns are used to release sweat and dry quickly. Full-dull yarn is used for good color and cool.

Diamond Fabric


It is an ultra-lightweight fabric, diamond-shaped mesh fabric. It has excellent sweat discharge and is used for armpits or inner fabric.

Graphics and layouts changed to suit the new season, and various colors were released.



In case of size, there may be some errors depending on the measuring method. 


  • Hand wash recommended
  • Squeeze lightly by hand
  • Dry naturally in the shade
  • Not ironable
  • Gloves cannot be washed
  • It is recommended to hand wash separately with neutral detergent in lukewarm water below 30 degrees.


  • Strong twisting or wringing may cause the clothes to stretch or wear the fabric quickly.


  • Colored fabrics containing a large amount of spandex may lose water, so it is impossible to wash with other products.


  • Ironing is not possible, avoid direct sunlight and dry naturally in the shade.




Contact with materials with rough surfaces or accessories can cause fluffing.



  • Elasticity UP by using functional materials
  • Excellent fit



  • Use of lightweight materials
  • activity up
  • discomfort down



  • sweat wicking material
  • comfortable riding



  • slim fit
  • Comfort that hugs the body



  • ergonomic pattern
  • Optimized for riding



  • Excellent ventilation effect