Edison - No Spill Straw Cup 3


A straw cup that does not leak even when turned upside down or shaken
With the anti-spill straw technology developed by Edison through a year of consumer research and various tests with the mother's heart, it does not spill even when shaken or dropped, and prevents backflow.
Spill-resistant I-cutting
The I-shaped cut prevents leakage and prevents beverages from entering the mouth again.
Oval shaped straw
It is designed in a shape that is easy for children to bite and drink.
Backflow prevention hole
The Y-shaped hole regulates the internal pressure of the cup to prevent backflow.
BPA free
You can use it with confidence as it is a safe material without endocrine disruptors.
Edison spill-resistant straw cup 3 is a newly upgraded spill-resistant straw that does not leak even if a child shakes or drops it.
Clear capacity display
The semi-transparent cup body is marked with a scale so you can easily check the amount of drink.
Two-handed handle for easy grip
It's a perfect size for a child's hand, so it's easy to hold and helps you to drink stably by yourself.
Convenient straw cap
When storing, it prevents the straw from being contaminated, and it is convenient to open and close it easily when drinking.
Hygienic with separate washing
Since all parts are detachable, disinfection and cleaning are possible depending on the material.
Align the direction of the lid and the pore of the straw tip and insert it.
Pull the straw up.
To prevent leaks, press the assembled part once more to make it fit perfectly.
Assemble the straw on the straw head and use it.