Sun Does Matter - Eagle Eagle Sun Patch

Sun does matter





The Eagle-Eagle Sun Patch is made of double-sided fabric with excellent elasticity and blocks 99.8% of UVA and UVB.

The highly adhesive hydrogel formulation provides an immediate cooling sensation and, at the same time, provides strong adhesion without irritation.

The best activity booster that increases activity by adhering to your skin with the elasticity and high adhesiveness of the fabric!

subtle aqua scent

To get the best score even under the blazing hot sunlight 
Ultra-adhesive UV protection patch


Developed to ensure that the moisture and nutrients of the high-adhesive hydrogel formula adhere to the skin, minimize irritation, and maximize adhesiveness

Use of 100% Korean nylon yarn with excellent sweat absorption and breathability as well as a water-repellent function that does not permeate external moisture (using functional sports clothing)

The products of Sun Does Matter are used by real players on the field, as they are created by sun protection experts in consideration of usability according to sports TPO.


Enjoy the sun without hesitation with SDM!


As it is a product that will save countless earthworms around the world, 
Because it has been solidly proven

UVA, UVB 99.8% blocking effect 
Fabric with reliable blocking power that has been verified

0.00 Mild formula that has been verified for hypoallergenic

Before using sunscreen, check the attachment position with a patch on top of the transparent film, then remove the transparent film and apply it by gently stretching it from the inside of the face to the outside along the curve.


* This item ships directly from Korea.