Henlopaw - Cat Shower Glove




Henlopaw Cat Shower Glove - for CATS only


Is your cat also the one who hates showers? 


Since cats can easily be exposed to dust and harmful substances, you need to take good care of your cats so that they don't intake any dust. 



Therefore, we are here to help you! 


The easiest way to wipe out your cats, like a shower!



Why do cats love our Henlopaw Cat Shower Glove?


  • No stress
  • Whenever and wherever!
  • Natural ingredients and essence 



Point 1. Without Stress


Without watering and drying, it lessons your cats’ stress and eases them.


The soft and mild touch makes your cats relaxed and cozy.



Point 2. Whenever and wherever you can easily wipe out your cats!


Henlopaw Cat Shower Glove is perfect for wiping out your cats’ back, anus, and paws without irritations. 


The easiest way to take good care of your cats “Whenever and Wherever”!



Point 3. No color, no scent for the safety of your cats!


The clear and unscented formula is safe enough for your cats to enjoy!


Mild, pure, and unscented for your cats to enjoy safe and sound :) 


Check - We only use the natural ingredients for grooming cats.



- good for anti-aging and producing flexible skin and hair tissue.



- renowned for its positive impact on smooth hair


Rebalancing & Hydrating - Hair essences added


Hair essences moisturize hair, giving your cats silky strands.




Gently massage and wipe it out, as if a thorough shower!

With our gloves, your cats will enjoy whenever the shower times :)