Henlopaw - Pet Eye Wipes (40ea)




Henlopaw Pet Eye Wipes


Easy to Wear -

You can easily use these wipes just by putting them on your fingers!



Thanks to these daily removals of eye wipes, you can easily break down and remove stain-causing particles in the fur. 

Be careful not to get any in their eyes!


Point 1. Prevention of tear stains


Point 2. Easy to use


Point 3. Safe enough for your dogs and cats!



How to Use - 


Use these wipes as needed to remove dirt or debris from your pets. 

These are convenient wipes to help clean the stained fur and wipe away tears before they can oxidize.



Bulky in Quantity - 


In each box, there are 40 sheets of pads, which enables you to use them for quite a long time! 


What causes tear stains in pets? 


1. Porphyrin 

2. Red Yeast 

3. Time


The combination of these factors is known to cause tear stains in your pets.


Available to use for both Dogs and Cats!  


           How These Wipes Work - 


  • REMOVE EYE DISCHARGE: Helps keep eyes clear by removing dried mucus secretions and discharge to help reduce the risk of eye irritations and itching caused by foreign matter.


  • SAFE & GENTLE: Chamomile Extract and Aloe Vera help soothe irritated areas. Requires no rinsing. Recommended for all breeds.


  • HOLISTIC TEAR STAIN SUPPORT: Combine with our shower gloves as part of a daily regimen to treat tear stains both externally and internally.


  • TRUSTED BRAND IN TEAR STAIN SUPPORT: Specializing in tear stain support, our wipes can help dogs and cats go from tear to clear.