Hi Bye - Apple Chew 90 (1 month supply)

Hi Bye





All Yum. No Bitter





We recommend Apple Chew for those who


                                         1. want to consume apple cider vinegar conveniently 

                             2. consume too much rice, bread, chips, and meats

                             3. need active energy

                             4. are looking for probiotics

                             5. are looking for general health improvement

                             6. want to lose weights



Now it's time to have Apple Chew!


Apple Chew is an Alkaline Food made of vinegar, 

which alkalizes your body efficiently. 


6 in 1   -   Apple Cider Vinegar Candy 


- Probiotics 

- Detox & Cleanse 

- Digestive & Gut Health ACV Supplement 

- Unfiltered ACV Chews with Mother 

- No Artificial Sugar

- Helpful for losing weights


Every day dessert with Apple Chew!!

Suggested Use  

Chew 1 table Three(3) times a day before or between meals.  

Weight: 6.35 oz(180g)*5  

Serving: Apple Chew, 180g(2g*90 tablets) - Each bottle contains 90 chews, and has a safety-sealed top.