Moonya Moonya - Baby Boy's One-piece 01

Moonya Moonya


MOONYA MOONYA means children dreaming at night in Korean it's a play on 

the words “muh-ya, muh-ya” which roughly means “what is that?”

The brand name is inspired by the phrase we all hear from children to their 

mothers, “Mom, what is that?”

MOONYA MOONYA's core values are to support and foster children's 

creativity as well as provide clothing for all children, even those with sensitive 

skin conditions. 



 And that is why MOONYA MOONYA can confidently say: 

Just the fact that you know MOONYA MOONYA makes you a wonderful mother”



What makes MOONYA MOONYA'S Tencel Fabric different from the rest?


1. There is minimal friction between the skin and fabric, which is sourced from plants 

2. The soft quality is long lasting and withstands multiple washes 

3. Everything created by MOONYA MOONYA is eco-friendly 

4. The fabric does not fray and does not shrink



Product detail

-One-Piece style 

-Capri length

-For Summer

-Baby size 75 (6M)/80 (12M)




We recommend handwashing or throwing them in a laundry mesh bag if using a washing machine.