Premium Copper Cutlery Sets for Two (Spoon & Chopstick)



*Customized Engraving (Optional)*


It ships directly from Korea.




* Sterilization of Material Itself

Yugi has its natural characteristic of sterilization in itself.  It stains when poisonous materials was contained. And it also kills poisonous germs.  These unique and special characteristics were verified in multiple times of modern trials and experiments.

* Durable for a Lifetime, or even for Generations

Because Yugi was made of metal, it lasts for a long time.  It used to be inherited for generations in the past. It lasts longer than any other tableware, staying still rigid and intact. 




* Use a soft cleansing pad and neutral detergent for washing in everyday usage.

* For long time storage, wipe off the water and dry thoroughly. And keep it dry for storage wrapping it with paper or a plastic bag.

* Vinegar, soy sauce, seasoning, or salty food may cause discolorization in long-time storage.

* Stains or marks can be easily treated by using a neutral detergent like other metallic kitchenware. During you are using it, it changes color from bright gold to quiet gold along the time. It is natural.

* When it is stained or the color is faded, rub the dry surface with a fiber scrub pad (like a 3M green scrub pad. Do not use metallic or heavy-duty scrub pad). It easily recovers its initial color.

* Because Yugi is made of metal, it can be used for quite a long time.  It can even be inherited for generations.



Enhance your dining experience with Nothyang Premium Copper Cutlery Sets for Two (Spoon, Chopstick)! 


▪ TECHNIQUE: Hand-forged bronzeware with Korean traditional and unique technique. The delicately crafted utensils provide stable weight and grip.

▪ DESIGN: Timeless & exquisite design. This modern and golden classic copper cutlery set goes well with any type of dining style. 

▪ MATERIAL: Copper with great health benefits; natural antimicrobial material that helps digestion and weight loss & improves skin health & plays the role of anti-inflammatory.  


Traditional Korean tableware set in a modern style


What's special about this material…

Copper 78% + Tin 22%

Copper-tin surfaces kill 99.9% of bacterial within 4 hours of exposure

It becomes more golden as you use it.



Please leave your engraving message in "Add memo" section at the checkout!

Best gift for your special ones! Personalized gift for baby, parents, anniversary, birthday, wedding, and more.


Present the special engravings which contain names, dates, quotes, or your secret messages!

Please note that the letters of Spoon & Chopstick should be the same. 


** Please Read these Details. **

Korean – up to 5 letters including spaces

English – up to 8 letters including spaces

Numbers – up to 10 digits including “.”