Sun Does Matter - Racket Match Point On Sun Block

Sun does matter



SPF 50+, PA ++++ Combination sunscreen verified by clinical tests


It is a milk essence formulation containing moisturizing ingredients that is applied as quickly as water and rapidly replenishes moisture. 
It also contains porous powder to fill in irregularities and wrinkles, providing a skin texture correction effect like a peeled egg and a fresh, matte finish.

EWG green grade-oriented ingredients make it safe for daily use in all four seasons anytime, anywhere


A milk lotion formulation that can be applied like water and absorbed most quickly in fast-paced sports such as tennis and table tennis.

Moisturizing factor is adjusted to provide a feeling of moisture even to the inside of the skin, and a refreshing finish that is not sticky.

The products of Sun Does Matter are used by real players on the field, as they are created by sun protection experts in consideration of usability according to sports TPO.


Enjoy the sun without hesitation with SDM!


As it is a product that will save countless earthworms around the world, 
Because it has been solidly proven


SPF 50+, PA ++++ 
Blocking power confirmed through clinical tests

0.00 Mild formula that has been verified for hypoallergenicity

Composed of patented ingredients that soothe and protect skin irritated by sun rays and external activities

Extract of Organic Australian Aloe, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice 
Australian aloe extract and aloe vera leaf juice solution that contains about 300 kinds of vitamins and is excellent for soothing and hydrating the skin

Organic Castor Oil 
Castor oil provides nutrients to dry skin with excellent moisturizing effect

Organic Jojoba Oil 
Jojoba seed oil is rich in vitamin E and is the most similar to skin, so it is comfortable for all four seasons

Glycerin, the most similar ingredient to skin, moisturizes dry skin and maintains skin lipids

Before use, shake it about 15-20 times to make the Susball included with the contents move. 
If you open the cap by standing the product up, the contents may flow out like water. Open the cap with the cap facing upward.

As it is a watery formulation with high moisture, it may run down as soon as you apply it, so apply it quickly and let it absorb. 
Reapply every 2-3 hours during outdoor activities exposed to strong UV rays.


* This item ships directly from Korea.