Sun Does Matter - Sun Buddy Help Me Sun Stick

Sun does matter



As soon as you open the cap, the signature green scent, reminiscent of a morning rounding after rain, gives you freshness.


Scent notes 
TOP Green/Floral/Fresh 
MID Orchid/Jasmin 
BASE Amber/Woody/Musk

Light application without stickiness even after multiple coats and a smooth finish as soon as applied

Strong UV protection film that is transparently covered without white cast

10g micro size twin package that can only be found at Sun Does Matter

Sherbet-like texture with fine particles for a soft, non-clumping feeling 
Apply ability without white cast but bright UV blocking power

The products of Sun Does Matter are used by real players on the field, as they are created by sun protection experts in consideration of usability according to sports TPO.


Enjoy the sun without hesitation with SDM!


As it is a product that will save countless earthworms around the world, 
Because it has been solidly proven

UVA, UVB 99.8% blocking effect

0.00 Mild formula that has been verified for hypoallergenicity

Composition of ingredients that soothe skin irritated by UV rays and external activities

Extract of Matte Leaves 
Mate leaf extract, rich in vitamins and minerals, excellent for moisturizing and soothing

Extract of Aloe-vera Leaves 
Aloe vera leaf extract containing 99.5% of moisture and various vitamins

Simmondsia Chinenses Seed Oil 
Jojoba seed oil is rich in vitamin E and is the most similar to skin, so it is comfortable for all four seasons

Solanum Melongena (Eggplant) Fruit Extract 
Eggplant fruit extract that contains various nutrients such as minerals and vitamins to make the skin elastic

1. Hold both ends of the package and break it in half. 
2. Get two micro-sized sun sticks to use for face/body or share with a friend!



* This item ships directly from Korea.